Vale Dr David Hoeppner

Dr David Hoeppner

Dr David Hoeppner passed away on Friday, 18 February 2022, aged 86. Aircraft structural integrity lost a pioneer. I lost a mentor and friend.

I first met Dr Hoeppner in 1987 when he taught me the FAA’s short course on ‘Aircraft Fatigue’ at the University of Utah. It started a professional and personal friendship that lasted 35 years. I will fondly remember Dr Hoeppner as:

  • Leader, genuinely, as evidenced by his many followers
  • Mentor, who imparted guiding principles for my career
  • Ethical, he knew ‘you can’t get structural integrity without human integrity’, a quote he loved from Lockheed’s Willis Hawkins
  • Family man, who valued work but kept it in perspective
  • Encourager, who brought out the best in people
  • Caring, especially when he hosted me at short notice after my accommodation plans fell through
  • Empathetic, when he understood my disappointment and frustration after regulatory politics caused an authority to reject me
  • Story teller who brought lessons from history to life
  • Courageous, especially on matters of principle and justice
  • Diligent, seizing every opportunity (‘carpe diem’ was his motto)
  • Humble, rare for an international expert
  • Personal, interested in you as a person and not just as an engineer
  • Influencer, his holistic concepts (HOLSIP) are increasingly promoted and practiced internationally
  • Humorous, he told a good joke and could also laugh at himself
  • Generous with his knowledge, time and money.

We shared a love for the Lord. I will miss Dr Hoeppner until we meet again.

Dr David Hoeppner

My deepest condolences to the Hoeppner family.