Steve Swift PSM
Director and Chief Consultant

“Steve is one of the most dedicated and, in my opinion, competent persons in the aircraft community”

Professor David Hoeppner
University of Utah

Steve is an aeronautical engineer with more than 40 years in the aviation business, in Australia and around the world.

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Steve’s Awards

In 2007, Steve received the Whittle Safety Award from the International Federation of Airworthiness:

‘For leading the international development of the ‘diamond’, a methodology that demystifies the theory of structural inspection, helping designers, operators and regulators cooperate to keep aircraft safe from cracks and corrosion.’

In 2008, Steve received a Public Service Medal from the Australian Government:

‘For outstanding public service in the regulation and promotion of aircraft structural safety.’

The Public Service Medal is the reason for Steve’s post-nominal, ‘PSM’.

In 2019, Steve received the Plantema Medal from the International Committee on Aeronautical Fatigue and Structural Integrity (ICAF):

‘Established by ICAF in 1967, and named after the late Dr. Ir. Frederik Plantema, co-founder and first General Secretary of ICAF, it is a career award presented to a selected leading member of the structural integrity community, who is invited to deliver a keynote lecture at the start of the biennial symposium.’

Kathy Swift RN
Business Manager and Registered Nurse

Kathy started her career as a nurse, and then managed a large travel health clinic. As Business Manager, she helps Steve concentrate on his engineering.

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The Business

Steve left CASA in 2010 to start his own airworthiness business, Steve Swift Pty Ltd, an Australian-registered company.

Clients have included designers, lawyers, maintainers, militaries, operators, regulators and universities. They have come from all corners of the globe.

The business is based in Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia. We are ready to serve you wherever you are in the world!