Terms of Engagement for Services

If we don’t sign a separate contract, here are my standard terms of engagement.


I based these terms on the Standard Terms of Engagement for Independent Contractors 
and Consultants (2008), and other advice from Professionals Australia.


I am an independent contractor.


My rate will depend on factors such as the job’s:

  • Length
  • Complexity
  • Intensity
  • Urgency
  • Risk.

I will confirm the rate before I start.  If the project is well-defined, I may even be able to quote a total fixed price.


I may ask to increase the normal hourly rate, for overtime and inconvenience, if you want more urgent delivery than first agreed.

Time recording

I will record my time using the Yast Online Time Tracker, so I can include an accurate and detailed time sheet with each invoice.


I will supply all equipment, software and expertise.



I will book the travel and include it as disbursements on my invoice.


Economy class within Australia and New Zealand; business class elsewhere.


First class.



Meals and incidentals

The Australian Taxation Office’s ‘reasonable amounts’ for the middle salary band.

Travel time

Half-rate (as Professionals Australia recommends).

I will not charge you time (or cost) for local travel within Canberra.


If you don’t want the uncertainty and administration of separate fees, allowances and disbursements for a visit, I can offer you an all-inclusive quote.


I will include expenses as disbursements on my invoice.


I will respect your confidential information and not disclose it to others.

Intellectual property

Any that I create for you as part of the contract is yours.  Any that I bring to the contract remains mine.


As an independent contractor, you don’t have to worry about my sick leave and other employee entitlements.  However, I will tell you if I think sickness could delay delivery, so we can discuss options.


I have Worker’s Compensation and Public Liability insurances.

Security Clearance

I have ‘Baseline’.



I will invoice you after the end of each month, for work done during that month, and then my standard terms are 30 days, please.


I want you to be 100% satisfied with my services.  If not, please contact me.


My invoice will have my bank details for electronic transfer.  Or, call me on 0412 318 222 to pay by credit card (2% surcharge).

Are you a lawyer wanting an expert report?

I may ask you for a deposit, please, to cover one or two days work, so I can review your brief, discuss my likely opinions with you, and quote to finish the report.

How does my rate compare?

I regularly compare my rate with:

  • Market surveys by Professionals Australia (I am a member)
  • The Civil Aviation (Fees) Regulations 1995, especially the rate for ‘particular experience or qualifications’
  • My own informal market research.

If you are considering someone else, please compare their:

  • Experience – in industry and in government
  • Reputation – including national and international awards
  • Professional development – I regularly participate in national and international courses and conferences
  • Network – I have an extensive network of national and international contacts.

If I am not confident I can offer you the best service for your needs, I will happily recommend someone else.