From 21st to 25th February 2016, I attended the 15th annual Workshop on the Holistic Structural Integrity Process (HOLSIP).  It was held at Snowbird Lodge, near Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

What is HOLSIP?  Here are three quotes from the HOLSIP web site:

  • HOLSIP is based on the fundamental idea that failure modes or mechanisms are interconnected
  • HOLSIP is a physics based structural integrity design approach
  • HOLSIP considers all fracture mechanisms for monotonic loading with consideration of the intrinsic nature of solids.

26 attended the Workshop, which discussed how managing structural integrity more holistically could improve safety and economy.  They came from the USA, Canada, Australia (me), Japan, Israel and Poland.

Professor Hoeppner, the 'father' of HOLSIP, presenting at the workshop
Professor Hoeppner, the ‘father’ of HOLSIP, presenting at the Workshop

Many more joined us on one of the days, from nearby Hill Air Force Base.  On that day, I gave a presentation called Designer’s Secrets Maintainers Should Know.  I used the same slides that I used for the IFA Forum in Hong Kong, in November 2015, but changed the delivery to suit the different audience (designers instead of maintainers) and emphasis (HOLSIP).

You can download a copy from the ‘Papers’ tab above.